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What we do

Si Scooters Ireland operate on the promise of providing convenient, rapid, green movement. Affordable innovation is here for the taking through our e-commerce store where we offer a diverse range of electric scooters for consumers.

Our goal is to back the growing momentum behind the electric scooter movement across Ireland by offering green transit options to all at affordable prices. Here we have built a quick and easy-to-use e-commerce store to allow you to search, find and purchase your e-scooter and accessories in the most convenient manner. Rapid delivery and reliable customer service make up the remaining core components of Si Scooters Ireland.

The range contains e-scooters suitable for all whether you’re purchasing for an adult, teen, or child. There are models suited to a variety of budgets and detailed descriptions of each model to ensure transparency when buying each item.

E-Scooters: Green Transit / Momentum

Rapid Acceleration

Want to get achieve rapid acceleration without the hassle and expense of a car? EScooters may be the mode of transport for you. Many are surprised to hear how fast our electric scooter models can go with speeds of up to 25KM / h.

Forget the expense of a motor car, and the unreliable schedules of public transport by investing in your very own e-scooter. With speed of course comes safety too. All our e-scooters are fitted with quality brake systems to ensure the safety of the driver and controlled acceleration while riding.

Green Movement

Lower emissions as well as daily expense with an electric scooter today. With zero petrol or diesel requirements this electric transit device can be charged in the comfort of your own home in between journeys.

Ride your e-scooter around the city, either to run some errands or get to and from work without the thoughts of harmful emissions, adding to traffic jams or stopping for fuel. Green movement is the way of the future, and the future is already here.

Ultimate Convenience

It can be especially hard for young adults or teenagers to get around their locality without the help of a parent or guardian to drive them to and from. Now that has changed. Electric Scooters are a real and viable choice for parents to purchase for their adult or teen aged children as a mode of transport of their own.

The Irish government recently announced their plans to fully legalise the use of e-scooters on Irish roads, allowing for any doubts you may have to be put to bed. Young adults and teens will be able to follow the correct pathway to riding their scooter to their friends’ houses, activities or even school without the need for a parental chauffer!

About Si Scooters

Dean, Brian, and Ethan are a trio from Ireland with one shared goal – to accelerate the use of green transport and sustainable movement. These three guys hail from Waterford and founded Electric Scooters Ireland in the heart of the South-East in 2021.

Si Scooters Ireland is on a mission to rapidly build the ever-growing momentum behind E-Scooter use across Europe. Why you ask? Well, electric transport offers speed, convenience, and sustainability without compromising on price or the planet.


E-Scooters range anywhere from €190 for smaller models suitable for kids up to as much as €600. The average cost is €400 – €500 euro.

Like any form of motorised transportation there are safety concerns when it comes to riding an electric scooter especially if near or amongst moving traffic. However, e-scooters pose no more danger than riding a bike once the correct safety measures are taken like always wearing a helmet. Brake systems and lighting are key components for manufacturers when it comes to scooter safety.

The range which an electric scooter can drive at one time can vary from 20km to 50km in some models. The scooter with the longest range on sale here is the YOUIN SC4000 XL PRO BLACK 350W with a massive 50km driving range.

This method of eco transport allows the driver to go uphill yes. Of course some models will be able to tackle steeper hills better than others.
The battery can be replaced yes. It is important to charge the battery regularly even when not in use as it keeps the battery working correctly.
Some models of electric scooters are manufactured to move with or without the battery in operation. Electric scooters can be pushed without the battery working but as they are heavy it will get tiresome after a while.
Scooters often come with waterproof ratings which classifies how much water they can withstand and is called an IP rating.

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