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Electric Scooters Ireland team

We believe e-scooters are the future of green transport, and the future has come early.We understand the expense of living in modern cities like Dublin as each have spent considerable amounts of time living abroad in cities like Sydney, Boston, Barcelona and of course Dublin.

During the founders time living abroad the main option for getting around was crowded public transport which didn’t always get them exactly where they wanted to go. When it comes to electric scooters these guys see the utmost potential for real transit change. So, whether you live in Dublin, Boston, Barcelona or in a little Irish town, an electric scooter can be the ideal transit solution for you.

With a population of over 1,256,000, Dublin was an easy choice for the location of ScootersIreland. The website was officially founded by  01/10/2021.

Here’s a little bit more about their reasons for founding electric Scooters Ireland:

Having lived in Barcelona where electric scooters are the norm, We have witnessed the daily use of e-scooters to the benefit of a large city. The benefits include reducing traffic congestion, pollution and overcrowding on public transport. The availability of these scooters to rent for tourists also gives guests to a city the opportunity to explore independently and expand the tourism industry without causing damage to the environment.

Using an electric car daily, we want to encourage the use of electric modes of transport at home and across Europe for the benefit of our planet. On top of the green, eco-friendly reasons for using an e-scooter over a car or motorbike, the affordability of e-scooters makes them accessible to those who may not have the funds to invest in a car. We wish to create a space online for everyone to find a scooter suitable for them.

Having recently relocated back to Ireland can see the pros and cons of living in thriving Dublin city. The expense of living costs along with a lack of parking in the centre of town means electric scooters are as ideal as a bicycle in Dublin life. If you’d rather not pile on to a Luas or Dart, take your own scooter to work, to the gym or to visit friends.

Better value than a car, with far less maintenance, and even more important, far less emissions, e-scooters are the affordable transport choice for those who wish to travel on their own schedule/ terms. The independence an electric scooter can offer is at the heart of why we operate this business.

As a customer of Electric Scooters Ireland, you are guaranteed 3 things:

Super- Fast Delivery: we work hard to ensure your scooter gets to your door within 5-7 business days. In some cases however next day delivery is achieved once your order is in by 3pm Monday – Friday.

Top Product Quality: our company only stocks the best quality electric scooters for customers to purchase and use long-term. We stock top brands of E-Scooters for high functionality, ultimate safety, and excellent drivability too.

Excellent Customer Service – another guarantee is excellent customer service both before and after purchase. We know how important it is for customers to ask questions, voice concerns and talk to a living person too when dealing with a query. Our instant chat feature allows you to connect with us promptly and effectively.

Scooters Ireland

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