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Electric Scooters for Adults

Here at Electric Scooters Ireland, we offer you a wealth of information about the electric scooter as a method of transport, as well as a variety of brand options.

As a leading e-commerce store, we offer next day delivery within Ireland. Shipping of your e-scooter and/ or accessories can be tracked using our chosen courier service.

Find the answer to all your questions on our website whether it be about maintenance, purchasing or the legality of E-Scooters on Irish roads today.

The Micromobility Movement

The transition from fuel to electric is imminent for every person in Ireland and across the globe. Electric powered vehicles like e-scooters, e-bikes and electric cars are paving the way forward to a cleaner, more sustainable transport market.

Micromobility can be explained as the modes of transport which provide users with quick, functional, and more affordable ways of getting around in comparison to public transport options and of course fuel powered cars.

Vehicles that come under the micromobility branch of transport are those which are lightweight and travel at speeds below or in line with 25km per hour.

Some Electric Scooter models for sale by brands today have the capability of travelling at a higher speed than stated above and this can be useful for off-road use.

Travelling to work, school, or simply to visit a friend at home is made much simpler by the use of Electric vehicles in cities, towns, and villages alike. No emissions, no fuel stops, and no heavy costs like those which can be linked to running a petrol or diesel run car.

Where to Buy Electric Scooters for Adults

Electric Scooters are the vehicle of the moment and if you’re looking for the best options on the marketplace for adults then Electric Scooters Ireland is ready to help.

We stock a wide range of top scooter brands such as XIAOMI, Segway, OKAI, Kugoo, YOUIN, Cecotec, Nilox, InnovaGoods and Denver.

For adults in particular, different features will suit different people. That is why we ensure our stock range includes a variety of options for customers to choose from.

Specification tables under each product allow visitors to our site to view more details on each product. Spec details include battery power, brake system, size of wheels and more.

Take a look through the photos of our products on site to really see the design, quality and safety features of each item.

Benefits of E-Scooters

1. Sustainable Energy

Zero emissions, with cleaner air for the rider and those around you.

2. Ease of Use

Simply kickstart your scooter to activate the motor & use the LED screen to track your speed.

3. Save Money

No fuel stops and no more parking fees as the scooter can fold up and be taken with you.

The Cost – How Much Are They?

Electric Scooters Ireland offer options for all sorts of customers no matter what their budget is. Whether you wish to purchase a basic scooter model at the most affordable rate or go for a more expensive option with all available extras, we have choices for all.

The most expensive model in our range retails for €1250 whereas the most budget-friendly option retails on our e-commerce store as €680.

With or Without a Seat?

Electric modes of transport are versatile, sustainable and affordable too when compared to fuel powered vehicles like cars. Comfort is key for those using e-scooters on a daily basis to travel to and from home, work or school even.

Not everyone will enjoy the process of standing up straight for long periods of time while scooting through a journey, so that’s where seats come in.

Brands are recognising the need for an optional seat for scooter users especially those who wish to commit to micromobility as their main method of transit.

Seats now feature on certain models of electric scooters and can provide a resting spot when stuck in traffic or for those riders who wish to simply sit while scooting along to their destination.

These seats can be taken away if needed and don’t compromise folding technology, so the choice is ultimately up to you.