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Kugoo Electric Scooters

Kugoo is a sporty, safe, sought-after brand of electric powered modes of transport. Its creation as a brand revolved around the vast quantity of emissions produced by cars and other fuel powered vehicles each day.

Kugoo was started in 2015 by founders who saw the future and potential of micromobility in every everyday life. They had a passion for electric scooters and motorised vehicles which offer customers an affordable, clean way to travel.

Is Kugoo a Good Brand?

Kugoo is a reliable and durable electric vehicle brand with e-scooters, e-bikes, and even electric powered skateboards under its stock belt.

This brand has created a positive name for itself in the electric vehicle industry and continue to compete with other top brands to produce the top e-scooter model on the market for customers.

Kugoo Kirin models are stocked by Scooters Ireland and we offer fast delivery to customers buying within Ireland. All items come with a warranty.

Currently Scooters Ireland stock the Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro, Kugoo Kirin M4 (original model), and the Kugoo Kirin S1.

Is Kugoo Chinese?

The Kugoo brand hails from Hong Kong but these electric vehicles are distributed within Europe from a manufacturing base in Poland and an office location in Germany.

They are a dominant force on the European electric scooter market because of their European base and so make for a popular choice amongst European customers.

Which is the Best Kugoo Electric Vehicle?

Three different Kugoo Kirin models are available to purchase here at Scooters Ireland, but there is one which we would recommend over the others.

The Kugoo Kirin M4 Pro is the latest model from Kugoo which offers all a rider needs to transit around town comfortably, safely, and sustainably. This option comes with a removable seat to suit all preferences, whether you wish to ride with a comfortable seat or not.

If there’s one thing this brand specialises in, it’s speed capability. Choose a Kugoo model of e-scooter for a potential 45km/h acceleration but of course this may be more suited to off-road adventures depending on the speed limit in your local area.

The Kirin M4 Pro offers up to 50km of range when it comes to driving distance capability. A full charge of 8 hrs will give you this long distance to play with, and ride worry free for all the spare time in between.

How Fast does a Kugoo Scooter go?

Kugoo scooters are the fastest we have in our range at Scooters Ireland. Hit speeds of up to 45km with either model of the Kugoo Kirin M4 – Pro or original. This brand pride themselves on their offering of scooters for both teenagers and adults who wish to get that bit more out of their vehicle.

Of course, as with all electric scooter vehicles, be sure to check the legality of motorised vehicles in your locality and always wear safety gear such as a helmet.

Are Kugoo E-Scooters Waterproof?

This brand of scooter offers the rider a water-resistant vehicle, with a generous rating of IPX4 across all models. This rating level protects your scooter against light rain and splashes of water from puddles for example.

It is important as an owner of an electric scooter, not to depend on the protection of an IP rating entirely. Be sure to store your scooter in a clean, dry location where damp conditions cannot affect its condition.

Dust is another way in which your vehicle can age quicker than it’s supposed to so keep it covered if not in use for long periods of time.