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OKAI pride themselves on mass in-house production of their electric scooters. From start to finish these branded scooters are created within company production facilities rather than being outsourced at various stages.

This continuity in production allows for OKAI to create a uniform, safe and high-tech electric model for customers to utilise for years to come.

OKAI also produce e-bikes and other innovative technology such as charging cabinets. These units are electric vehicle charging points which facilitate e-scooter and e-bike riders on the go.

The final technological sector they are savvy in is ‘data services’, connecting customers and riders to their vehicles, phones and more. So, you can be sure this company know how to make the most out of their own electric scooter designs.

Where is OKAI from?

European Headquarters for OKAI are based in Germany, which is why OKAI has become a popular choice for European scooter customers. The manufacturing facilities and corporate offices on the other hand are based in China, meaning this brand has a strong presence across the world.

Which OKAI scooter is best?

As of the year 2022, the best OKAI motorised vehicle is the ES200. This scooter is everything a rider could need and more, but the ES200 comes at a higher cost than other sought after models in 2022.

The driving range of this model is top notch with a 40km capability after a full charge. The motor power can reach a maximum power rating of 700 watts too. It is foldable of course and boasts a great water resistance rating – IP55.

A shorter charge time, just 5 hours, is competitive in comparison to other top models for sale as this cuts the charge time by 2-3 hours when compared to other brands.

Are OKAI Scooters Water Resistant?

A superb water resistance rating is attached to the ES200 OKAI model while the ES500 option has a lower rating but still a very good level of resistance to rain, dampness, and rust.

Pollutants in the air around us can be just as damaging to the materials making up an electric vehicle. That is why an IP rating is important to look out for. The better the rating the more protection your scooter has against pollutants in the air and weather spells while riding outside.

You can further maintain the IP protectiveness on your scooter model by storing your scooter in a dry, secure location at home or at work. Damp surroundings, cold temperatures, and storage outside can all contribute to the quality of the frame and other parts of your vehicle.

So, look out for the IP rating before purchase and be sure you know what it covers.

Is investing in the OKAI brand worth it?

At Scooters Ireland we stock the OKAI brand because we believe it is an excellent investment for our customers.

From features available to the trendy, futuristic look of their designs, OKAI offer it all. We currently give consumers the choice of two models one of which is more of an investment in terms of monetary value.