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Okai Neon ES20

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Prepare to be impressed. The OKAI ES20 is not just another electric scooter. Its aesthetics are so striking and modern than it makes all other Scooters look old in comparison. The Neon ES20 was developed with the purpose of delivering the highest quality escooter on the market.

It’s brimming with technical features that cannot be found on any other escooter such as:

OKAI App Security Bounding

Once you pair the scooter using the OKAI app it is now bound to that phone and cannot be used by someone who has stolen it.

In built NFC Technology

The ES20 comes with an NFC card reader and physical slim card which acts as your key.

A display like no other

The Neon series display is the best display in our opinion of any escooter. It’s even customizable with different themes and is extremely bright and clear.

LED Lighting System

One of the coolest things on the ES20 is the lights. There’s an LED strip right up the front stem and LED strips on either side of the base model. These really make the Neon ES20 stand out compared to all other escooters. All the patterns and colors are customizable from within the app also which is a lot of fun to play around with especially for night rides.


The Neon ES20 is visually appealing and fast-paced. The Neon ES20 has 500W of power and therefore can reach 25km/h to get you wherever users must go on time, including facing uphill gradients. Smoothly cruise about neighborhoods for up to 40 kilometers from a single charge. The Neon ES20 comes moves with ample energy because of its 36V, 9.8Ah Samsung Battery.

The ES20 has a front wheel drive continuous motor which has a peak power of 500 watts. It has a folding design and has suspension built into its bridge in the back which is extremely neat in design. After you’ve arrived at a destination, the Neon folds from one seamless, quick click. It even has cruise control which is really cool and useful. There is also in built rear suspension seamlessly integrated into the design of the scooter.

Do you have to make an immediate stop? A mix of electronic and disc brakes rapidly brings you to a halt when it matters.  The IP55 water resistance maintains you riding whenever the streets get damp. Its powerful headlight and rear brake lights shines you onto a clear route on those night rides.


Max Speed (km/h) 25
Battery Capacity36V, 9.8Ah
Charging Time 2A<6
Range (km)40
Tire (inch) Front 9 inch inflatable tire Rear 8.5 inch honeycomb tire
Incline Rate20%
N.W (kg) 16
Water RatingIP55


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Is the Neon ES20 Waterproof?

No electric scooters are truly waterproof. Thankfully the ES20 has a water resistance rating of IP55. This means it can handle light rain with ease.

How hard is it to setup the ES20?

Its super easy. Takes all of a couple of minutes to get up and running when first opened!.

How powerful is the ES20?

The Okai Neon ES2O packs a punch with a peak power of 500 watts which is more than enough for the typical route.

Is it good on hills?

It sure is, it can handle hills with gradients of up to 20 %.

Is the deck big?

The deck is really nice, plenty space for comfort. It's 30" by 6.75" with 22" by 6.75" of usable space.


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