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Segway made their brand name global through the innovative creation of the Segway method of transport on two wheels. Since this invention they have expanded their range of two-wheel vehicles and now sell electric scooters to customers worldwide.

The Segway Brand

In 1999 Segway was created by Dean Kamen but it was a few years after he released the self-balancing product that is known as the Segway.

Thanks to this original invention, the brand became visible across tourist spots as Segways were introduced as a handy method for tourists to get around a city for the day or a few hours.

Since 1999, Segway have expanded into the e-scooter industry and put their knowledge of mircomobile technology to good use. The Ninebot is Segway’s hot product of the moment thanks to its innovative design, long driving range and sturdy, safe frame.

What Does ‘Segway’ Stand for?

Segway comes from the word ‘segue’ which actually means to transition smoothly from one thing to another. This is the meaning behind the very first creation from the Segway brand which was conveniently called ‘the Segway’ thanks to its ability to move seamlessly from place to place.

Is Segway a Good Brand?

Yes, Segway is a very good brand and is known for reliable technology plus innovative designs. This brand of electric scooter is certainly not the cheapest model on the market right in Ireland but we believe this is a case of you pay for what you get. Segway is certainly worth the initial large investment and will perform as the brand promises.

Is Segway the Same as XIAOMI?

No, Segway and XIAOMI are not the same. XIAOMI is a Chinese electronics brand which manufacturers e-scooters as one of many products in their company.

Segway was founded by an American man in 1999 who created a new self-balancing method of transit called the Segway. Since this time the brand has evolved to incorporate electric scooters into their product catalogue.

At Electric Scooters Ireland you will find a selection of both XIAOMI and Segway branded scooters for sale. Specifications for each model are shown on product pages for customers to compare and contrast options and choose the best model for them.

What Segway Scooter is the Best?

The Segway Ninebot Max is a dominant force and a front runner within the electric scooter industry. Speed and driving distance are both attractive features of these models giving the rider a unique driving experience on the road.

Durable wheels, climbing ability and a futuristic design makes the Ninebot a sought-after product on our website daily.

Is a Segway Scooter Worth it?

Here at Electric Scooters Ireland, we believe Segway scooters are certainly worth the money and that is why we stock them right here on our e-commerce store. The Ninebot takes pride of place in our product range amongst many of the other front-runners in the industry currently.

Take a look below at why we think Segway is one of the best options for Electric Scooters in Ireland.

Features of Segway Scooters

Futuristic Design

As with the original Segway invention, all Segway branded e-scooters sport a futuristic product design, ensuring your scooter is propelled forward with the latest design technology.

Optimum Performance

Excellent drive range and optimum speed are deeply rooted in the reasons why you should purchase a Segway scooter. The performance of this brand on the road is backed by devoted riders who advocate for the Ninebot through their increasing presence on city streets.

Variety of Models

Many options of the Ninebot have popped up on the e-scooter marketplace thanks to Segway. There is certainly an option for everyone, even kids.

This brand have tailored their innovation to suit those who want speed, those who want a child – friendly model and those who want convenience on a budget