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Xiaomi: Ireland’s Most Popular E Scooter Brand

The XIAOMI brand hails from China and dominates the tech world as one of the most successful manufacturers of electronics. It began as a software company back in 2010 when it was founded by a businessman called Lei Jun.

The name XIAOMI represents a lot of other quality brands including Samsung.

Are They a Good Brand?

In the tech industry whether it be mobile phones, electronic transport like e-scooters or home appliances, XIAOMI has secured its place as one of the most highly regarded brands in terms of design, power and function.

How to Pronounce XIAOMI

As the name of the company comes from Mandarin origin it can be a little difficult to pronounce for those who don’t speak the language.

The easiest way to do it is separate the first part of the word from the other as it is a combination of two Mandarin words. XIAOMI should be spoken as ‘shau – mee’ .

What Does the Name Mean?

There are different translations of this Chinese brand name but for the most part it translates as ‘little rice’ or ‘millet’. Other people claim it translates to big and small meaning the brand sells a bit of everything, but the literal meaning is little rice.

What Are they Best Known for?

This company sells a host of products on the international tech market including smartphones, WIFI services, SMART home devices, drones and of course the MI electric scooter.

In the past, XIAOMI were most known for its smartphone innovation and thanks to the success of Samsung they are the second biggest manufacturer of mobile phones across the world.

Lately, however, thanks to the surge in micro-mobility in big cities and the desire for people to travel more sustainably, XIAOMI e-scooters have taken off too.

These sustainable energy savers on the road offer riders fun, powerful performance and even a Bluetooth connected Mi Home app.

This specially designed scooter app allows the rider to switch from one-speed mode to another, controlling acceleration and managing battery power all in on place.

Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are quickly on the rise across cities both small and large. You will see them speeding down the street easing their way past traffic and running off a battery-operated motor.

Many women, men and young adults are turning to the convenience, affordability, and eco-friendly design of electric scooters to reduce both their transit times and emissions.

Teenagers can experience some freedom from home through the gift of an e-scooter and run short errands for the family or get to school themselves.

Of course, scooting on public roads is yet to be legalised in some countries and Ireland is currently passing legislation to make this legal.

XIAOMI motorised vehicles are top of the range and in high demand amongst enthusiasts of this mode of travel.

Thanks to the variety of core features, functionality as a method of transit and the reliability of XIAOMI technology, this is a top choice for customers searching for a durable, high-quality scooter.

Features of XIAOMI Scooters

Thankfully the high-performing XIAOMI brand of e-scooter gives customers a range of options to choose from.

Whether you wish to really invest in an expensive model or purchase a budget electric model for use here and there the choice is there for you.

Quality Design

Renowned for software and electronics design, this company know how to design a quality scooter. Pneumatic tires offer the rider a smooth ride along with the disc braking system.

Balance, speed, and drivability are all considered with XIAOMI models, featuring multiple speed settings and cruise control for longer trips.

Trendy Look

Not all customers will admit it but we all want our electric scooter to look the part when riding. Stand out from the rest with various colour options and a sleek, contemporary look thanks to XIAOMI.

If you are interested in maintenance or parts you can contact us for further information on warranty and repairs.

Optimum Safety

Safety is never compromised for design in the world of XIAOMI. When you take a closer look at one in person you can see the stable nature of all XIAOMI products.

Guaranteed is a wide foot deck, durable, stable wheels, and excellent lighting to make sure you are always seen during your ride.