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Xiaomi E-Scooter Smart4U SH50 Smart City Commuter Helmet

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This Xiaomi Smart Helmet is an intelligent and extra-safe helmet option designed to protect you as much as possible in the event of any incidents while riding. It can be used for many different modes of transport such as electric scooters, bicycles, skateboards, and more. Made from polycarbonate on the exterior and PSI-205T compact EPS polystyrene foam on the interior, it aims to protect you even during heavy landings.

It comes with the next generation of helmet features including an automated light and active protection system. The LEDs are impressively bright and the seven of them can be seen from 600 feet away without blinding the rider or those who might be around them. Based on the level of lighting conditions, this Helmet will intelligently activate the LEDs if necessary or remain deactivated when it’s not needed.

The Intelligent Braking System

The helmet has an intelligent brake detection system for added safety. If the rider suddenly brakes the helmet automatically enables the LED lights which brings awareness to those surrounding you that you have made an abrupt stop. This essentially adds car-like braking system technology to your safety arsenal while riding.


Attractive and Modern design

As for the look of the helmet, it is very attractive and modern in design while remaining useful. No matter what the weather is like, it is comfortable to wear and it’s water resistance is especially good while riding in the rain. Thanks to 12 vents, they ensure the rider is kept a lot cooler than many other helmets. Using its expandable strap, the helmet can be changed to accommodate varying head sizes, specifically circumference measurements varying between 57cm to 61cm.


The following is a list of the core features.

  • Automated braking taillight system

  • Automated ON\OFF system via intelligent lighting sensor

  • Expandable strap for varying head sizes

  • Twelve air openings

  • Simple on button ON\OFF

  • Sleek and Modern Design

Reviews (1)

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  1. Smart features are great, such an upgrade from my old helmet

Reviews (1)

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  1. Smart features are great, such an upgrade from my old helmet