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How to Find a Repair Service for My E-Scooter in Ireland

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In Ireland it can be hard to find repair services dedicated to Electric Scooters. This is why we created a directory of repair companies in Ireland for customers to reach out to.

This directory is updated regularly to ensure that the most up to date list of services is available for those in search of an electric scooter repair in Ireland.

What do I do if my electric scooter is not working?

If you’re electric scooter is not working correctly or you suspect it is in need of some kind of repair, contact the company from which you purchased it. From here contact can be made with the e-scooter brand who may be able to offer their services.

All quality e-scooters come with a brand warranty for a particular length of time which covers repairs after purchase. The terms of your warranty may or may not cover the cost of your e-scooter repair depending on the type of repair it requires and the length of time which has passed since the purchase.

If your warranty does not cover your e-scooter repair, or you are outside your warranty cover then you can use our directory below to get in touch with a local repair company near you in Ireland.

How do I service my electric scooter?

As with any other vehicle, electric or not, servicing is required to maintain the performance of the motor, battery and other key parts of your scooter. If you wish to find a company to service your e-scooter then take a look at the directory below to find a place near you.

How long do electric scooters last?

The length of time an electric scooter lasts depends on a number of factors including maintenance, frequency of use, storage and charging.

  • Maintenance: e-scooters need to be maintained in terms of an annual service of the vehicle, a potential battery change after some time and keeping up with general wear and tear. If you keep on top of such maintenance you ensure that your vehicle lasts you many years.
  • Storage: Where you store your e-scooter is important. Dust, damp conditions or excessive cold can impact the parts of your electric vehicle and cause long-term damage. Be sure to research how best to store your scooter and keep it folded away in a dry, safe location while not in use.
  • Charging: Do not overcharge your e-scooter or neglect to charge it for a very long time. While there is no need to charge an electric scooter after each use, it is equally as bad to not charge it for weeks or even months on end. Regular charging of a scooter which is not in use is essential to keep the battery in good condition.

Where can I get a part for my scooter?

Here at Si Scooters Ireland, we stock parts for electric scooters which you can purchase on our e-commerce store. Please check our accessories page which we are adding to on an ongoing basis.

If you wish to change a part on your e-scooter yourself or have a local repair service to do so, then take a look at our range of parts or contact us directly with your query.

Repair Companies

Our goal is to highlight a repair service in every county in Ireland. As this is a new industry there are currently not many repair services to promote. As they come in we will update this page.


Electric Scooters Repair Dublin

Located in Dublin, Electric Scooters Repairs Dublin has been open for many years and specialises in e-scooter repairs. Please contact them at any time for a quote and to arrange a pickup.



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